As we get into week 6 of season 3 2013 (how fast time flies) allow us to share with you Vincent’s story (Vincent was in season 2 2013):


#TeamSparks At The Retreat 

I heard about Mizizi from my friends who had gone through the class. I also came across it online. In 2010, one of my friends who had took the class encouraged me to join but I was not convinced of the good that will come out of it. I am an introvert and mostly prefer conversing with others on a one-to-one basis rather than sharing my story or anything else for that matter in front of a large group. By large I mean 4 or more people. To me this is a crowd. It is this dislike/not wanting to be part of a group that in the past kept me from joining small groups in church.

At the beginning of this year, one of the goals I was praying for was to make new friends. And then came Mizizi. I first read about Mizizi Season 2 registration from a tweet sent by @mavunochurchorg. I would love to say that I signed up immediately but this was not the case. I bookmarked the link planning to refer to it later.

On the days that followed, I kept thinking about it but part of me was afraid. Not afraid of people per se, but scared of the unknown. I had never been in such a setting as the Mizizi classes. Deep within me I knew God was telling me to step out of the boat. Throughout that week I stumbled on articles/blogs about stepping over fear. [I now know God was directing me to the right decision]. I finally got the courage to fill the online form. During the orientation we got to learn more about the classes and heard testimonies from past Mizizites.

I left the orientation having not fully decided whether to attend the classes or not. It could have been easy to bail out since I hadn’t yet paid. I am glad I didn’t bail out. The first class was all about introductions and getting to know each other and the basics of Mizizi. During the weeks that followed I was amazed at how easy and comfortable I was when it came to sharing my life with complete strangers. I also learnt to listen to others as they shared their stories.

Even though I had been saved for a while, there were things that had faded in my Christian walk such as reading the bible and prayer and through Mizizi I got a refresher course on the importance of such practises. We had so much fun together. I can’t count the times when we were told that we were making noise for others. In fact, the class next to us had to shift to a further corner.  


One highlight of the Mizizi experience was the Half-Day of Prayer. We were to pray for 2 hours something that I had never done. I didn’t know what I would pray about for those hours. We were given prayer guides to assist us in the prayers. There were three categories of prayers that we were to make. First, we were to worship God and just have fellowship with him. The second was praying for others and our nation while the third was praying for ourselves.

I expected time to drag on but surprisingly it went pretty fast. Moreover, I found myself spending more time worshiping and adoring God and praying for others that when it came time to pray for myself I only spent 10 minutes. Other members of our class also had the same experience. This has changed the way I approach prayer.

All in all, I am glad that like Simon Peter, I stepped out of the boat and conquered my fear. Mizizi opened doors for me to grow in other areas that I had fear. I went to my home church and signed up for the small groups and I am enjoying the fellowship with others. Before Mizizi, I was always looking for excuses whenever I was asked to pray in front of people. Now, I am happy to pray whenever and wherever. Oh, I also made quite a number of friends.

If you have hesitated to join Mizizi because of fear, I encourage you to not let fear stop you from experiencing the good things that God has in store for you. Step over fear.

Vincent #TeamSparks